Stock Availability

January 2020 - This is the current stock availability for the new ranges on back-order. For those in stock, pleasecheck with us for individual products: 

Candlestickers: middle of August 2020. 

Shadow Lamps: most of the Shadow Lamps are in stock now  -  the new designs will be with us at the beginning of February 2020.

Plant Lamps: beginning of March 2020.

Twinklers: out of stock, available in July 2020. 

Frosties: available in July 2020. 

Frosty Twinklers: available in July 2020. 

Sparklers: available in July 2020. 


Swirling Pyramids & Lanterns: in stock now. 

Flamelights: in stock now. 

TV Fires: in stock now.