Trade Shows

OK, not sure quite what to write here  -  it's all gone a bit quiet on the trade show front.  I suppose I've got to write something  -  can't leave a blank page.

The Harrogate Christmas Fair in January and the Spring Fair in February won't happen, at least not in those months.  The German equivalents of these two shows, Christmas World (usually after the Harrogate show in January) and Ambiente (the February equivalent of the Spring Fair and the largest trade show in Europe) are combining to have one mega trade fest in April  -  at least that is their hope, but I fear that only the quick roll-out of a vaccine will allow this to take place.

Hyve, the organisers of the Spring Fair, are also hoping for an April event  -  Harrogate is a bit more up in the air but a later show is also intended.  The fingers will be crossed  -  it's the only time I get out of my underground bunker and meet my public, and I'm missing you all.

Good luck to all in the meantime, and take care out there.