Battery Flamelights


The round Brazier flamelights are constructed from highly polished stainless steel and patterned with a variety of acid-etched designs within which the flame is reflected back and forth to fill the whole lamp with fire. There are two shapes of Brazier, the round ones shown here and the Square ones which can be found here. The round Braziers are about a foot in height (30cm) and about 5 inches (12cm) in diameter.


Being the most popular design in this range (and all of the metal ranges), last year we introduced our customers to the Forest Brazier in black  -  powder-coated matt black on the outside, silver mirror finish on the inside.  Having a black exterior finish makes the fiery colours stand out better, whilst the polished interior maximises the effect of the multiple reflections bouncing around inside.  The sucess of this item has led us this year to increase the number of Brazier versions available to include the Vine, Butterfly and Leaf designs in addition to the Forest.  These additional black Braziers will be available from the beginning of April.  The black Braziers are a little more expensive  -  perhaps adding a few pounds to the retail cost.


In a quiet moment we also had a look at copper coloured Braziers and were quite taken with what we found.  So, rather than dip our toe into the water as we did with the black version last year, we're diving straight in to supplying the same best-selling Brazier items in copper as well as black  -  Forest, Vine, Butterfly and Leaf.  These will also be available from the beginning of April and will be priced at the same level as the black versions.  The copper range is only avaiable in-store, not on-line.

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