Scented Candles

New for 2021  -  a range of Scented Candles

At last  -  a premium alternative to the usual range of glass scented candles on offer.  Double wicked, clean-burning, great new vessel designs and a huge range of scents for each and every season.  Votive candles and Melts to match.

"BLUEBERRY MUFFINS - Tasty blueberries, grapes, pomegranates & plums layered with brown sugar and butter notes"

"AUTUMN ORCHARDS - Spicy blend of cinnamon & cloves mixed with juicy orange, peach, raspberries and strawberries" "ISLAND BREEZE - Tropical banana leaf, green pineapple and coconut with hyacinth, lemongrass, sea salt and creamy tonka" "SNOWMAN CANDLES - All the mulled wine smells of Christmas with cinnamon, cloves, spruce, toffee and a host of other scents"

Download the brochures below for a full run-down of what's coming in February 2021.  We can't wait.

Farm Fresh - wonderfully print-glazed rustic

ceramic containers that no-one will ever throw

away.  Perfect Garden Centre designs.

Lots to choose from in the Seasonal Range:

Snowmen, Pumpkins and Beehives in different

scents, sizes and colours.


Download Farm Fresh

Download Seasonal Range

Cheerful Candles  -  traditional glass jar

candles and a choice of 70 scents and 3 sizes.

Keepers of the Light  -  chunky glass

containers with a black or copper top and

32oz, 24oz and 6oz jars.


Download Cheerful Candles

Download Keepers of the Light